Environmental Studies at Kennesaw State University

What is Environmental Studies?

Environmental Studies at KSU

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field that examines relationships between the human and physical landscapes. It recognizes that the two landscapes are inextricably linked, and that altering one will affect the other. Topics such as global climate change, deforestation, wetland degradation, water, soil and air pollution, sustainability, economics, ethics, policies and laws, history, and literature all fall under the domain of environmental studies.

What type of programs do you offer?

Currently, KSU offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies with emphasis in Environmental Studies that is held in the Department of University Studies under University College. There are two tracks students can choose from, namely Environmental Policy and Environmental Science. You can download the curriculum for each by clicking on the links: Policy or Science. For more information: http://www.kennesaw.edu/us/ints/index.shtml

There is also a new environmental degree proposal awaiting approval from the Board of Regents. The proposal is for a BS in Environmental Analysis and Sustainability. Once approved, this degree will replace the Integrative Studies degree. In addition to core environmental courses, students will choose courses from biological and geospatial sciences, and from policy, rhetoric and theory. The proposed curriculum can be downloaded here.

Check back often to see the status of the proposal.

Join the discussion. Visit the KSU Environmental Studies forums page at http://ksuenvironmentalstudies.org